Crazy Celebrity tweets about the 2012 election results. CRAZY!

Crazy Celebrity tweets about the 2012 election results. Like some are bat shit crazy!

My favorite so far is former SNL star, Victoria Jackson tweets and the article on Huffington Post.

I might be using the term “celebrity” pretty loosely here, but many who grew up on Saturday Night Live know who she is.

She wins out over the celebrities tweeting from crazy train by following Donald Trump and tweeting her breakdown when her candidate of choice lost the election to Barrack Obama. My favorites were: “America Died”, and “I can’t stop crying”,  and “Thanks Christians for showing up. You disgust me”.

Really? She thinks “America died” because the person the majority of it’s citizens want to be president is someone different than she wants? I have to laugh because that’s what most of us love about America. You know, the democracy thing ……..the most votes win.

I can see how a little part of America dies when gullible “Christian” Republicans started to think and act like her. For example when:

1.) They think they speak for ALL Christians, as well as Jesus Christ himself.

2.) They think that Jesus would be all about politics AND making laws that dictate everyone will follow the Bible – not as in have to be a Christian of course, you know, freedom of religion. More like American laws that follow The Bible, thus creating a moral society fitting to them (at least what they think The Bible says, as if there isn’t any room for interpretation on what this would even look like).

3.) They claim to be patriots who believe in the constitution, yet seem to have the least amount of tolerance for anything related to equality or freedom like speech, religion, rights, different opinions, democratic process, etc. (like item B). And the same goes for both sides with the extremists being the loudest & most visible & always spewing  what seems like obvious propaganda & scare tactics.

4.)  They have been manipulated into buying the lie that right-wing politics are somehow in line with The Bible when that political party brilliantly adopted a few hot “morality” issues gaining their support. AND THEN get churches to preach that it is not only your obligation to Christ to vote for these, but everything else they say too, regardless how much it may contradict the Bible and/or Jesus (see this video

She goes on a homophobic rant against glee here.

And here she is with such extremist propaganda that she even worries the dumbfounded FOX News commentators by her comments

*Disclosure, well sort of: I am a liberal Christian myself so PLEASE hear me when I say that I am only talking about “Christians” and/or conservatives like her, and not claiming all are like this. I also have respect for different opinions and only hate when people act like I have described in the name of Jesus.

I’ve taken the survey at thinking my number might change or vary a little as I live my life but I still have a huge number slaves working for me. I have what seems like more than average with 75. This is disheartening when I take into account that this is an issue I’ve been passionate about fighting for more than a decade.

If you haven’t visited this website go see what is being talked about all over the media. Even President Obama just encouraged people to go visit it.

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