This year I’ve used the time for blogging doing art

There is something so amazing about expressing yourself through works of visual art that I forget about when I dont get to spend any time creating. I have just started to complete pages in art journals at our new house & I feel like I’ve been reunited with this huge part of me that I miss when I get bogged down with day to day tasks of being a public school teacher.

Anyway, I haven’t been blogging as much because now that I have a place for my art supplies & a place to work, I’ve been getting lost in my own world of creating.

Here are some examples that Ive been working on to build my skills back up again. I never feel like art journal pages are complete so as much as I do my art for me, and only me, it’s a big step to force myself to publicly post some of it.

art marker girl Gel pens on glossy paper.

pencil flower Pencil Drawing

gel pens paper doll Gel pens

ink and water color paper doll Water color and ink

pencil hands Pencil drawing

colored pencil dream Color Pencil Drawing

ink batInk Drawing

acrylic paint heartjpg Metallic Water Color Paining

white charcol butterfly White Charcoal Drawing

ink and colored pencil city Color Pencil Drawing

art markers stained glass Art Markers

And this is the current page in an art journal that I am still working on.

mixed media unfinished journal page Multi-media

And the last sample, one of the covers for the many art journals.

Art Journal Cover