The Media & the Release of the US State Department of Justice Annual Report on Human Trafficking

The mainstream media spending one minute and nice seconds on the 27 million victims of today’s slave trade (80% women and 50% children) in a quickie wrap-up, “page from my notebook” (but not worthy enough to actually report on) is one of the reasons why slavery is the single most successful and fastest growing industry in the world ($32 billion a year industry).

The only reason it was mentioned at all is because the US State Department of Justice release it’s annual report on human trafficking on this day. Most TV anchors/journalists spent more time reporting on the release of the report than its contents.

This looks directed at Katie, but her one minute and nine second report is probably the most many of the viewers have seen on this issue. Her show also eventually featured a story on human trafficking that included an interview with David Batstone in the link below.