Michigan Senate Approves House Version Of Anti-Bullying Bill, Drops Religious Language

There is a new article in the Huffington Post related to the Michigan anti-bullying law that I blogged about last week. VICTORY!!!

Michigan Senate Approves House Version Of Anti-Bullying Bill, Drops Religious Language.

I don’t know if you have heard of this bill but Michigan passed a bill, called “Matt’s Safe School Law” that had an added clause protecting those doing the bullying if teachers and students can claim that their actions are rooted in a “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.”

I can’t express how relieved I am to know that they have altered the bill to be more appropriate. I was more freaked out by the original story than any thing I’ve read recently about education so I am celebrating the victory.

Watch the video of Senator Gretchen Whitmer if you haven’t seen it. She is my hero right now.

Lawrence Taylor Sex Trafficking Lawsuit: Former Giants Star Hit With Suit From 2010 Prostitute Incident

Lawrence Taylor Sex Trafficking Lawsuit: Former Giants Star Hit With Suit From 2010 Prostitute Incident.

It’s completely amazing (and disheartening) how many ridiculous comments are made on this article. I forget how the majority of people have no clue to how real trafficking and the sex slave trade is.

‘Teacher Evaluation’ : Real Agenda Appears to Be School PRIVATIZATION

The article from the Common Dreams website, by Gloria C. Endres, ‘Teacher Evaluation’: Real Agenda Appears to Be School Privatization is a must read for anyone interested in education in the slightest bit.

After much research over the years on this subject, I can attest to THIS IS WHAT IS BEHIND MOST EDUCATION REFORM AND THE “NEED TO IMPROVE” TEACHER EVALUATIONS.

The privatization of public schools (school-choice, voucher system, etc.) would have he most damning results on education. Don’t we have enough evidence what happens when a few billionaires control an institution? Turning education into corporate profit would only serve those who would make millions from this, NOT THE STUDENTS.

Read Michelle Rhee’s Wikipedia page (I checked all the references).

The Student’s First website makes it clear what their agenda is. Although they should be commended for their anti-bully and pro LGBT stance, that is where the students coming first stops.

(You may also want to read a piece Larry Strauss wrote for The Huffington Post called, Students First and Other Lies).

“Matt’s School Safe Law”: Anti-bullying law now protects the bullies depending on their motive

Michigan is passing a law that will protect bullying under certain circumstances. Read the Huffington Post Article and tell me I’m not crazy that this is insane. (Also, watch the video where Senator Gretchen Whitmer expresses her opinion).

It is a travesty that a bill (named after MATT no less) that was supposed to address bullying in schools and keeping kids safe, makes okay and protects those that bully if their actions come from a “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction “.

As a teacher, I am appalled. As a Christian, I am utterly disheartened.
This is probably the most insane legislation I have heard of relating to education, and I think we all know that is saying A LOT.