About Me

I teach high school in Napa, California and I love my job but hate to witness what No Child Left Behind is doing to my students. Unless you are in Honors or AP classes, many students don’t get to choose their electives for several years with double blocked academic classes. Most classes consist of working in boring fast-paced mandated workbooks memorizing what’s on the state test while little attention is paid to critical thinking, higher level thinking skills, or anything else that’s instrumental in transitioning young adults to employable, productive, caring citizens of the world. It’s extremely difficult for teachers to be inspiring, creative, motivating, let alone interesting enough to keep kids coming to class with this type of mandated curriculum.
Going to school is nothing like it was when we went.

Before that I worked in the music industry doing many jobs for an independent record company, a recording studio, and some amazing bands, basically all out of one office. I absolutely loved doing that too. Doing merch and getting to go out on the road was the best!

I waste my time by being on the computer either at social networks, all kinds of forums, music websites, playing with software and other technology stuff or drawing, painting, and creating art that I don’t pursue publishing.

I don’t waste my time online when it is spent fighting human trafficking and the modern slave trade by working with CALL + RESPONSE, a movement related to an amazing movie that is finally bringing attention to this deplorable issue. (Slavery never ended, not here, or anywhere else. There are more than 27 million of them today, 80% are females and 50% are children. Human traffickers made $32 BILLION DOLLARS last year, more than Google, Starbucks, and Nike combined).
The trailer is posted on the website below and may have music artists and celebrities you’re interested in. It’s beyond well worth watching regardless your interest in the issue. (100% of every dollar made goes to specific projects relating to the cause).

My 6 year old niece is my life. We bought a house with her parents just so we could finally live with her after being so close since her birth. Living with my sister, Heather, as well as having roommates again has been wonderful for so many other reasons to

I have more information about me on myspace/rondagp. At least I think I do, I haven’t seen it in years.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I was searching info on Google about the 40+ NVUSD teachers that got the pink slip this month and I stumbled upon your blog. I read some of your entries and they were both very insightful and informing. I am currently I substitute teacher here in Napa County, I recently graduated from Sonoma State University and a couple of weeks ago I applied to San Jose State’s Credential Program. I sound like I’m promoting myself, lol. Anyhow, I am glad I found a blog like yours, from a high school teacher. It is always interesting to read what other professionals have to say about the profession. Incidentally, I agree with your liking of UC Berkeley’s atmosphere. Although I did not attend UCB more than half of my college social experience was spent there, where some of my closest friends (and an ex-gf) attended. I noticed your got your B.A. in political science and a minor in Racism in Education (special minor?), that reflects a lot of your open-mindedness and intellectually-oriented spirit.

    Keep up the blogs, they serve as an educational tool.

    Vicente Ramirez

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Especially coming from another teacher.

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