Be a Part of the Modern Abolitionist Movement

There are over 27 million people held in slavery today, about double that of any other time in human history.

Of these 27 million people, about 85% are females and over 13 million of them are children, just about one half. The modern slave trade makes about $32 billion dollars a year – that’s more than Starbucks, Google, and Nike COMBINED. It is the single fasted growing and most lucrative industry that exists today. The trafficking of humans for slavery is occurs all over the world, in every nation. All major US cities have houses that hold trafficked women, forced into a life of being beaten, raped, and prostitution, seeing an average of 20 to 40 men everyday.

History will be reflect upon this in the same light as the holocaust. Modern slavery will go down as the single worst human rights violation to ever take place at such a grand level. Statistically, it is almost impossible for any one of us to not have items in our houses that have slave hands have touched.

Be an abolitionist and When your grandchildren ask you what role you had in this industry, be one of the few who will have something to talk about other than enjoying all the discounted clothing and inexpensive technology items of the time. Our generation will be looked upon as negatively as the post WWII Germans are. Many of us can’t fathom being a part a society that would sit back and reap the benefits of such atrocious acts and let such evil go on unquestioned. But that is exactly what is happening today. Make a choice to not be a part of it.

Being a part of the modern abolitionist movement can be as simple as asking those around you if they knew this is going on. I have found that almost every single person I talk to welcomes the conversation because they had no idea. It can also include giving small amounts of money to organizations that combat slavery or those that aid the recovery of rescued victims. It can be as small as getting to know more about what’s going on by reading a book (Not For Sale), watching a movie (Call + Response), or visiting some websites (Free the Slaves). It includes educating yourself on which companies (Nike, The Gap, Starbucks, Nestle) that have had repeated documentation of using slave labor and choosing to not buy their products anymore. No matter how small you may feel it, as least do something. The time of letting slavery and human trafficking keep expanding each year is over. It’s time to be a part of history and get involved in the movement that has already made an impact on shutting this abominable industry down.

Friend and fellow abolitionist, Justin Dillon, speaks about modern slavery and human trafficking and how his film, Call + Response promotes awareness through music.

You can watch the trailer to his documentary in an earlier post I made here or at their website

The main site and thier blog have a lot of information including many small ways to get involved.

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