CA Budget Cuts Destroy Education

I was not given a pink slip and get to keep my job, even though my position was on the chopping block. The list of positions included two high school special education resource specialist teachers and I was the last one hired. I’ve heard from a few sources that the resource teachers from Vintage were finishing up their two years of probation but were not re-hired so the district could keep me. I’m flattered if that is true but really sucks for those teachers if they were given any other story than they could not be kept because of budget reasons, because if they were just not re-hired, they will always wonder what they did wrong.

It’s hard not to get angry but I am so sick of reading the rants of right wing conservative bloggers who blame mostly teachers, but sometimes firefighters or other public servants, for being responsible for all the ills of society, let alone depleting public funds with our big salaries and huge pensions. Really? I have more post graduate units than most attorneys and make a fraction of what they do. Or anyone else who has had to take as many post graduate courses as I have.

I know it is irresponsible to post data with out a source but I’m too tired to go look for it. Anyway, I read that before Schwarzenegger took the office of Governor, there were very few, like 20 (I don’t remember the exact number) people that worked in the capitol building in Sacramento that made over $300,000 a year, and in 2007 – the year of our budget crisis, there were over 100.

So yeah, some days it’s hard not to get angry.

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